Sonata Crossbody Bag

What does Deena think of the Sonata Crossbody? Read on for her opinion.


What did you think of it? I really enjoyed this bag, not only is it stylish, but it is also simple and practical.

Was it comfortable on your shoulder? Yes. It felt easy to work with and not too heavy.

If you designed this bag yourself, would there be anything you would change? The way the flap opened was too high and took up a lot of space, but it was not an inconvenience. At the same time it is what makes the structure of the bag, so I would still keep the design as is.

Where do you see yourself wearing this bag? I would wear this bag out during the day when I don’t need to be carrying too much.

How does it compare to a normal bag? This bag is casual yet stylish. It serves its purpose well by containing enough space on the inside to while also being attractive.


Brand: Laudi Vidni

Reviewed by: Deena

Fabric: Leather