Brio Bucket Mini Bag

What does Daniah think of the Brio Bucket Mini Bag? Read on for her opinion.


What did you think of it?

Although this wouldn’t typically be a bag that I would pick out if I were shopping for one, I actually really liked it when I was trying it on. It’s practical and fun, and the shape is unique and not like most other bags. I loved the brown and blue pairing, you don’t really see that often especially in terms of bags. The perfect combination of cute and casual.

Where do you see yourself wearing this bag?

This would be the perfect bag to take with you to a vacation in Europe. I can just picture it on my arm walking down the streets of Paris or something! It’s also really cute for a long day of running errands, as it’s not heavyweight or too small.


Brand: Laudi Vidni

Reviewed by: Daniah

Fabric: Leather