The Elsie Dress

What does Lauren think of the Elsie Dress? Read on for her opinion on the fit, the comfort, and the style.



What do you think of this style of dress? I love the boxy look. I think it's really retro!

Thoughts on the fit? I love the fit! It's so roomy and unique to other dresses. It doesn't hug anywhere too tightly so I think any body type would love this.

What do you think about the fabric? The fabric is great! it's thicker and feels like it would keep its shape even after you've washed it multiple times. 

Does this dress solve any of the fit issues you normally face when shopping? I hate it when dresses don't have adjustable straps and this one has them. It's also a great lenght compared to a lot of other dresses - it's somehow short but still modest. 

Anything else? This dress is just so unique – the color, the silhouette, the side ring. Very into this edgy, modern but retro look. 


Brand: Shayne NYC

Reviewed by: Lauren S.

Body Type: Rectangle

Height: 5'6"

Fabric: 100% Linen 

Care: Dry clean recommended

Designed and Made in NYC

Lauren is wearing a 8/10.

The sizing: This dress runs true to size.  


For more on how Shayne is filling the size inclusive luxury gap, check out their website or follow them on Instagram.


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