DNAmic Women's Activewear Set

Activewear for Athletes.jpg
Activewear for Athletes.jpg


What is your opinion on the style? The high waist of the leggings and the cut of the sports bra make my waist look really flattering. The straps and the the stitching are really cute too! It feels like it would hold it's shape throughout a workout of through the day.

Thoughts on the fit? I love the fit of the sports bra! It fits my boobs really well. The look as a whole makes my butt and waist look really good. I'm not used to wearing this tight of pants/leggings but it makes sense that they are tight with the compression technology built in. It feels like this whole look was made to sweat in. 

Other thoughts? The sports bra holds in my sideboob and under-arms better than I usually find in a bra or sports bra.



This fabric has SKINS proven 50+ UV protection.

Care Recommendations: Machine wash cold and dry flat, or dry clean. Do NOT iron.

Moisture Management: Moisture wicking fabric draws sweat away from the body to the surface of the garment where it evaporates to keep you dry.

Brand: SKINS

Reviewed by: Taylor

Body Type: Triangle

Height: 5'3"