Kaia Jumpsuit

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Kaia Jumpsuit.jpg


What is your opinion on the style? I don't own anything like this jumpsuit but I have a lot of accessories that would go with this piece. Very comfy and it really let my accessories SHINE! The silhouette doesn't have a ton of structure, doesn't have a lot of give, but doesn't feel too tight either.  

Thoughts on the fit? I don't generally wearing something that doesn't have a lot of frills or details. I was concerned when I first saw this jumpsuit about it fitting my waist and thighs – but it FIT! The thighs were actually roomy! 

How do you feel about the length? I feel very covered in this jumpsuit. It goes down to my ankles so I would only wear this with a heel to elongate the look.

Where do you see yourself wearing this piece? Oh, I could do ANYTHING in this jumpsuit! It's a quick look to throw together. I did a brimmed hat, chunky bracelet, and black open toe wedge heels, but I can easily imagine reinventing the look fo brunch, a night out, or a date. 

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Boutique: Ella Jayms

Reviewed by: Minda

Body Type: Triangle

Height: 5'3"