Kaia Jumpsuit

jumpsuits for petite women.jpg


On the fit: Even though I'm only 5'3" I feel like this jumpsuit would be a good fit for ladies of all heights! I was impressed with how well it fit me!

How does it fit compared to other jumpsuits and rompers you've tried on? I’ve never tried on a jumpsuit/romper that has fully covered my legs and it’s typically not something I would choose, but I liked the way this jumpsuit fit and looked more than I thought I would! It was a little loose at the top for me because I’m smaller chested, but I like loose fitting clothing so it worked for me!

Does it solve any fit issues you normally have? It fit me well in all the right places and wasn’t took tight or loose!

Is it comfortable? The material is really soft. It's comfortable and cute at the same time. 

Where do you see yourself wearing this look? A music festival or day out in the city!

jumpsuits for petite women.jpg


Boutique: Ella Jayms Boutique

Body Type: Hourglass

Reviewed by: Kat

Height: 5'3"

Kat is wearing a Small.

Materials: 100% Rayon

Care: Dry clean.