Gingko Leaf Jumpsuit


What is your opinion of the garment’s style? It’s very classy, with just enough give but also fitted enough to show off your curves. It reminds me of a classic piece that every girl should own.

What is your opinion of the garment’s fit? I’ve always been afraid to wear a jumpsuit because of my curves, but I was blown away by the fit of this piece. Other jumpsuits ride up, fit me strangely, etc--but this piece hits me in all the right places!

What is the garment’s fabric like?  Extremely soft--kind of like pajamas!

What is the garment’s length? Perfect length with some chunky heels. I am a short gal but this worked for me.

Are you able to move easily in the garment? YES! This was a real highlight of this piece. I could move freely. My arms are often very constricted in these types of pieces but I had no problems (and I am quite broad)!

Does this garment solve any of the fit issues you normally face when shopping? Yes, the shoulders are wide enough.


Brand: Symbology Clothing

Body Type: Triangle

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Height: 5'6"

Jennifer is wearing a Large.

Fabric: Rayon

Care Recommendations: Wash gentle cycle in cold water and line dry

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