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"Refreshingly, Fit + Flatter is not filled with photo after photo of models who would probably look great in everything. The network is powered by real bodies off all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. There's even women of different ages – something you see on so very few sites today."


"F+F aims to feed the hunger for a more honest fashion world by championing real women and help solve the mystery and guesswork of shopping by merging authentic clothing recommendations with photos of everyday women."


"...a more refined shopping experience, style inspiration from those with similar body types, and a community to help give her confidence to love her shape."


"aims to be simple and straightforward, just as shopping experiences should be."


"...truly creating tactics to help women break boundaries in a male dominated industry..."


"So many women have the mindset that they need to stick to certain “fashion rules” and the truth is, no two women of the same shape, size, and age feel comfortable and confident in the exact same thing. It’s all about figuring out what works for you."


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