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partnership proposal for

laudi vidni


objective and strategy

To meet Laudi Vidni’s goals, we recommend the following objectives as the most effective path:

engaging Visual Content

We will create beautiful, strategic content to build awareness and drive traffic. Our plan proposes shooting in 3 unique cities and a variety of landscapes while focusing on developing a unique take on the pieces in each location. We have developed an initial moodboard to coincide with this concept, viewable at the bottom of this document.


Our main focus will be driving home the concept that individuality is easy with Laudi Vidni. We’ll focus on lifestyle photography that showcases how customized handbags fit into a customized travel plan.


The consistent theme through London, Paris, and Vienna will be highlighting how convenient it is to take a trip with Laudi Vidni. We will focus on the numerous unique looks you can get from a few pieces when traveling. Our campaign will show the entire travel journey, starting with packing and continuing on at the airport, unpacking at each hotel, activities and sightseeing, etc.


We will showcase Laudi Vidni on diverse women of various shapes, sizes, ages, style preferences, and occupations to ensure this project is consistent with the message of inclusivity and empowerment that embodies the brand.

project plan

Based on the objectives, strategy, and your budget, we’ve laid out a base campaign and additional add-ons that will strengthen the campaign’s overall success. We are prepared to deliver on the goals enumerated above according to the investment schedule below.


  • Included in travel to London, Paris, and Vienna

  • Reviewed and modeled by 3 diverse women in your target market

  • Images and styling will showcase ease of travel with products, interchangeability, and fitting into any occasion in the images

  • 7 high quality lifestyle images per handbag emulating the campaign moodboard

  • 2 promotions on social media per handbag

  • Blog post highlighting reviews on

Travel Through Europe with Laudi Vidni Campaign
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Number of Bags Featured:
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LV Promotional Videos
275.00 375.00

3 Instagram story length videos focused on ease of travel, interchangeability of bags, etc. Approximately 10-15 seconds each.

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Travel with Laudi Vidni Campaign Video
575.00 675.00

Travel With Laudi Vidni promotional video highlighting the trip through London, Paris, and Vienna. Approximately 45 seconds-1 minute long.

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showcasing ease of travel with the bags, takes on travel by women with unique style

iconic city scapes

showcasing the pieces in different, iconic places

a day in the life of an individual

coffee, brunch, drinks - showing how easy the pieces are for the woman on the go to change up

let’s get started


It’s always a pleasure to work with you. There is no doubt that our expertise matched with your product will result in a powerful campaign. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let me know.




Malina Padgett

Founder, Fit + Flatter