Your Go To Summer Dress


Baby shower? Check.

Wedding? Check.

Birthday party? Check.

The Lace Overlay Dress is just unique enough to make a subtle statement, comfortable enough for long wear, conservative enough you could wear it to a church, and just sexy enough you'll feel confident. Read on for 3 different opinions of the Lace Overlay Dress or shop the dress here

JENNAVE's review

What is your opinion on the style? It's very 60s/70s retro. It makes me feel happy!

Thoughts on the fit? Perfect if you want to highlight your upper body!  It fits me exactly how I want a dress to fit me. The chest fits really well, it slims my waist and makes me look curvier in my hips. 

Does it hold its shape? It definitely holds its shape through dancing, twirling, and spinning around in it! 

Where do you see yourself wearing this piece? A wedding, church, or out on the town! It's a great medium length with the waterfall hem for a pair of heels. 

Anything else?  This dress fits me perfect and makes me feel great so I highly recommend it.

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What is your opinion on the style? I really love this dress. The color of lace is so pretty and it fits my body perfectly.

Thoughts on the fit? This dress hugs my waistline very well. I also like how it is loose around my stomach because it makes it very comfortable. 

Does it hold its shape? The dress holds its shape well toward the chest and waist area.

How do you feel in this dress? Free and confident. 

Anything else?  I love the color of this dress. It compliments my skin tone very well!

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What is your opinion on the style? I love this style! I feel very classic in a lace dress and the yellow just makes it more romantic. It's perfect for a summer wedding.

Thoughts on the fit? This dress fits my waist like a glove! Just being able to tighten the straps to adjust is a great added touch as well. The length is great for my height – I'm 5'11". 

What is the structure like? Do you think it would hold its shape well? It doesn't have stretch but it is flowy and seems to hold it's shape well. 

Does it solve any of the fit issues you normally face when shopping? I'm smaller at the waist and chest and bigger at the hips so the flowy skirt and the close-fitting chest and waist made it a great fit on me. 

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