In Praise of Wearing What You Want

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There is a myth that society made up somewhere along the way that unless you are skinny, nothing will look good on you. (What a lie!) In the last few years, curvy gals are finally being heard and the fashion industry is evolving. Now, with the rise of the body positivity movement, plus size women are being encouraged to dress in bolder, statement looks that the industry used to encourage them to shy away from. But for those of us who can't quite shake those "fashion rules" out of our head, it can be a little hard to wear what you want to. In the spirit of wearing whatever the hell you want, here are our fashion tips for embracing and defining your individual style.

1. Wear clothes that fit and flatter the way YOU want them to

There are different body shapes like the Column, the Triangle or the Hourglass shape. While it does help to discover what women who are built similar to you are having success with fit wise, you most likely have a different definition of what fits and flatters YOU. And you know what? We encourage that. While it's definitely great to browse our Triangle Body Shape Fit Review Feed to find out where you can find jumpsuits that will fit your thicker thighs, you might not want a tight fit like Kristen or as loose of fit as Taylor. Experiment with different fits and soon you'll have your own set of "fashion rules". 

2. Accentuate your favorite assets

Everyone has a favorite part of their body. It could be your legs, hips or lips. The best trick to feel confident? Accentuate that part of your body. Bring attention to your collarbone with a boat neck, great calves with a right-above-the-knee skirt, or your mid-section with a cinched waist. 

3. Embrace your little quirks

Learning to embrace and appreciate what makes you unique can sometimes be a lifelong process, but that's what you have to remember: it's a process. Finding what works for you is the trick. Our tip? Mantras in the mirror and celebrating Compliment Your Mirror Day not just on July 3rd – but everyday. 

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