5 Signs It's Time To Donate or Consign

Still have that shirt that fits from high school? Us too. While it’s fun if it still fits, how much of a hoarder does it make you to still be hanging onto it?

  1. you haven’t worn in it a year or more

    The #1 thing to ask yourself: “Have I worn this piece in the last year?” If the answer is no, you’re most likely never going to wear it again, so if it’s in good shape still, put it in the donate or consign pile.

  2. it’s stained

    You’d think this one would be common sense, but it’s not. If you’ve tried to get out the stains of a garment several times, or tried to cover them up with a clever patch, it’s probably time to toss it.

  3. it’s pilling or has holes

    If it’s been worn too many times, it will show with pilling, seam-tearing, or holes. You can only patch something up so many times before you have that embarassing rip-your-pants-down-the-seam moment.

  4. Doesn’t fit anymore

    If it doesn’t fit you anymore, just get rid of it. It’s hard to think you might never fit into that top you love again, but there are other tops waiting for you around the corner, trust us.

  5. No longer your style

    Not, “is it stylish still?” more… does it still fit into YOUR style?

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