Driven, kind, and taking "look good, feel good" to another level is Sami Ma, the founder of Ella Jayms, an online boutique who makes giving back their mission. Founded from fond memories of growing up with her mother and grandmother, Sami created a line of elevated essentials that make an impact on the community through donations to local and international charities.

Each purchase is a contribution to causes made to empower artisans and designers from near and far. To find out what empowers Sami and for fashion advice from a true go-getter, read on. 

How did the name Ella Jayms come about? 

I wanted the name to be very personal and meaningful to me. I’ve always wanted it to honor my mother, Agnes, and my late grandmother, Elizabeth. I have so many beautiful memories being raised by the both of them and all of our shopping trips. After so much brainstorming, “Ella” came to light, which is the perfect fusion of both of their names. “James” is my partner’s middle name, and I love the hint of masculinity “Jayms” brings to the name.

Tell us about why you wanted to create a boutique that gave back. 

During the initial planning stages, I felt so grateful and lucky to be actually starting a business. It was a dream for so long, and it was finally coming to life. I wanted to pay it forward and made giving back a major part of our mission. With so many amazing options of places to shop, I wanted our customers to feel great each time they came to Ella Jayms knowing their purchase was going to help someone else. A portion of every single sale goes to an organization that helps the greater good. We’re all in this together, and little by little we can make a difference.

What are your favorite pieces on Ella Jayms right now?

I am so obsessed with the pleated midi skirts right now – I'm especially a fan of the Minori Metallic Pleated Skirt (below) and the Evie Pleated Skirt. I only curate things that I would wear myself, so I get really excited about each piece.

Where do you see Ella Jayms in 5 years time?

With a brick and mortar in the Indianapolis area. A gathering place that inspires mothers and daughters, sisters, and best friends to create memories like I did with my mother and grandmother. A company that continues to give back to our community and lends a helping hand to those in need near or far.

What trend are you into this fall?

Pleated skirts and dramatic sleeve details.

What are you most excited about this holiday season?

Putting gifts together for friends and family! I love holiday traditions and family gatherings, and I’m obsessed with Christmas decorations.

What do you like about Fit + Flatter?

I absolutely love that women of all different shapes and ages are represented and offering real reviews. It’s important for the consumer to identify with people of similar body type, and Fit + Flatter’s platform will truly help women shop and select the best styles for their figure.

What is your favorite styling tip or trick?

Don’t forget to throw on a piece of jewelry or two before you head out the door. It’s like icing on the cake to finish off your look.

What's on the Ella Jayms agenda for the rest of the year?

Ella Jayms is turning ONE on December 2nd. This year has flown by. We have some things in the works! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on pop up shops and sales!

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