Monday Motivation: July 16th

Our Monday Motivation this week is straight out of the mouth of our Review Team.

Advice and Styling Tricks

"In high school, I never really thought about how I looked. I played 3 sports, so I was thrilled that my body was strong enough to let me do what I wanted. When I started college, I started to workout on my own for the first time, which was intimidating. I was very self-conscious, but as I met my best friends, that went away. They were all powerful women that made me feel great about the things I was able to do. Grad school hit me like a brick, in the way of unhealthy habits and weight gain, so I'm learning to love myself again through getting back to a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough exercise, sleep, good eats, and passing all the classes is a tough combo, but I'm trying my best to give my body the best it deserves!"

- Hannah

Love Your Body_Self Love Quotes

"I've always been curvy, even when I was a super skinny teen. As I've grown and put on weight it's been important to
wear clothes that make ME feel good and not to let society dictate my style or my self-esteem.
This is my body, life's more fun if I'm friends with it and celebrate it." 

- Minda

"This isn't technically a phrase specifically to clothing, but I find it to be the most powerful thing I've ever read. "If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires." Cold and degrading people should motivate us all to spread our light and fire, whether it's clothing, empowerment, or any other thing you feel passionate about." 

- Hannah

Love Your Body_Self Love Quotes

"I did for awhile, but i find that staying active keeps me loving my body. "

- Christine

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