It all started with a fur coat

Stacy’s story is vintage, and it begins with a fur 70’s fur coat she bought in high school. From there, her collection grew, and her love of vintage styles soon turned into a dream when she moved to New York - where she would constantly get stopped by women on the streets asking where she found her dresses. With full force ahead and a big supportive and talented community in Nashville, she is determined to see her brand grow and is setting out on a Pop Up Tour covering 15 cities. You can find Stacy and her brand, My Vintage Look, along the East Coast and Texas this Spring and Summer 2018.

What made you first love vintage?

I bought a 70’s fur collar coat in high school that I just loved! Then, I moved on to wearing vintage dresses and realized they fit my body better than anything! That’s why I started wearing vintage so much. It just flattered my body! Oh, and the price point isn’t bad either!

How did the idea of starting your own brand come about?

I lived in NYC from 2006 to 2010. There, I began collecting and selling women’s vintage clothing. My most popular items were the dresses I found. I would constantly get stopped by women on the streets and get asked, “Where did you get that dress?” and I’d say, “It’s vintage, hard to find!”

I knew pretty quickly that my dream was to create a vintage inspired collection of unique and flattering dresses.

Easier said than done. It has taken me many long years to get to this point. There were plenty of times when I thought that this dream would never come to fruition, but that would have been taking the easy way out. I finally decided in 2015 that if I really wanted this, I had to MAKE it happen. It’s been full force ahead since, and I feel like my head has been spinning for the past two years! I am so happy to be “living the dream” and am very determined to see my brand grow!

What does the Nashville fashion scene offer that the big city options like NYC, LA do not?

Nashville is a community of so many talented creatives in what feels like a small town. People are more accessible and willing to help here. Networking seems to be a bit less intimidating in a place like Nashville. Whether it be fashion or another type of business, Nashville is super supportive of all things local.


What does an average day look like for you?

My days are super hectic and definitely not glamorous! I wake up around 6:30 to 7:00 AM most days and get straight to it! Get online to check emails, social media, do research, follow up on orders, place orders for more supplies, contact events I would like to participate in, speak with stores and bloggers, etc. I meet up with my seamstresses several times a week to give them more supplies, try on dresses we are working on, fix issues with dresses, go over our timeline, etc. I wish all of my energy could go into growing my brand, but the hustle is real, ladies!

I am currently working 3 part-time jobs to support myself. These jobs are great because they are all flexible and allow me to take off when I have events for My Vintage Look. It’s not easy juggling so many things though. I often feel overwhelmed and discouraged. I am constantly saying that I need more hours in my day! I am just keeping my eye on the prize, and it will eventually pay off.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have to say probably having pieces shown in Charleston Fashion Week 2017. It came as such a surprise! Local Charleston shop, Dandy Boutique, decided to feature a couple of my looks in their runway show and in the CFW Magazine. Charleston Fashion Week is pretty prestigious, so it was such an honor! It was also a bit nostalgic considering I have family roots in Charleston. I know that my grandparents would have been SO PROUD! I was also recently voted Best Fashion Designer Runner Up in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2017 issue. Another total surprise!

Do you think the fashion industry has come far enough in terms of serving curvy, tall, and petite women?

The fashion industry is definitely starting to pay more attention to curvy and plus sized women’s needs. Over the past decade, the number of companies catering to that genre seems to have grown a lot. It’s really great to see plus size models getting more opportunities too. My Vintage Look is actually planning on expanding our plus size options in 2018. Taller girls do have it really hard. Petite women can at least alter the length of their pants or dress, but not the taller girls. That’s definitely an area that could use some attention. I think vintage styles are great for petite women because the skirts and dresses tend to be more tea length or just below the knee.

What do you like about Fit + Flatter?

Fit + Flatter is great because it’s the perfect resource to help women find the best styles for their body type. So many women don’t even know where to begin! Every woman wants to feel both pretty and comfortable in their clothes. Fit + Flatter is accomplishing just that by having real reviews from real women.


To keep up with Stacy and My Vintage Look check out their website or follow them on Instagram.

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