How to Keep Warm and Still be Stylish


Ever have those walks in winter where you can’t hardly breathe it’s so cold and you legit look like Ralphie from A Christmas Story only to look up and see a fellow woman looking incredibly chic? Basically how I’ve felt most every winter until I started to take note of what they were doing right.

Cinched waist

The best way to not lose your shape under that thick coat? Choose a coat with a belt to accentuate your middle.

Layer the right way

I’ve seen a lot of people who wind a scarf so tightly around their neck it looks like they’re suffocating. The easiest fix? Opt for a turtleneck instead of a thick scarf.

chic snow shoes

Don’t foget about the bulk on the bottom! Choose warm boots that aren’t too bulky or have that “snow plower” look for a streamlined silhouette.

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