Dear Body,

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The start of a new year is always enchanting and exhilarating, full of potential and promise. And if you’re anything like us, it’s also full with an ambitious resolutions list. But oftentimes, chasing after a long list of milestones can get overwhelming, making it easy to lose sight of the goal that matters most: self growth.

We understand.

While we have the potential to be our own biggest supporters and motivators, we also have the potential to be the most critical. And our bodies often get put first on the frontlines.

This year, we want to do things a little differently. We know the road to self-love isn't always lined with rainbows and butterflies, and some days we don't have the time or energy to put on our cheerleading outfit.

So we're adding one more promise onto our list: to write a letter to ourselves for the days that didn’t start with our best foot forward as a reminder to focus on the reasons we’re built for the never-ending journey that is personal growth.

Will you join us? Write your letter and share what helps you embrace your shape. We’ve included some questions to help you get started.

  • Is there a specific moment or event that helped you embrace your shape?

  • How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel so confident?

  • What’s one feature about your body you love? Why?

  • What would you tell young girls who are struggling with body image?

  • What is something about your body you wish you had embraced earlier on? Why?