How to Be Confident, Not Cocky

How to be confident, not cocky

The following article was written by Heather Francois of The Confidence Council.

There’s a big difference between being sure of yourself and being cocky, arrogant, or conceited. It seems like the line gets blurred on occasion. Below, I’ve outlined 3 of my top tips for making sure you are coming across as confident–not cocky.

1. Let Your Reputation Speak for You

You want people to choose to be involved with you not because you are constantly telling them how great you are, but because they know from word of mouth or experience that you produce great work. Let your results speak for themselves; you don’t have to brag.

2. Establish Yourself as a Force to Be Reckoned With

If you’re a fun girl, people want to party with you. If you’re a smart girl, people want to study with you, cheat off your tests, or sometimes even steal your ideas. The point is, whatever you’ve established yourself as being, determines what people will expect from you. Establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with in whatever stage of life you’re currently in. Teach people, by your consistent actions, that you are an asset. When you establish yourself that way, people will have no choice but to recognize, (even if they refuse to acknowledge,) that you are outstanding. Once you establish yourself in this way, you have every right to be confident and will find there’s no need to be cocky.

3. Make Sure You Can Back It Up

Of course, every now and then we all toot our own horn, and that’s fine! … As long as it’s not a 5 piece wind section. Just one caveat: make sure you are who you say you are. Nothing destroys credibility, sometimes irreparably, more than misrepresenting yourself. Remember, wherever you are, you can only go further; so make smart steps to get to your next level. Consider yourself well on your way!

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