The Bag for When You Don't Want to Carry a Bag

Brenna B Bag

You know the feeling when you are heading somewhere and think of how you can possibly get away with not lugging your bag with you? We've been there too many times. That's the exact reason we prefer the Brenna B bag to most any other bag: it's just big enough to put your essentials in, but it's not too big that it weighs you down. 

brenna b bag.jpg

"When it comes to metallics, I'm normally more into gold, but this silver is a gorgeous color and has the perfect amount of sheen. This bag is so cute and convenient! I like that it has a detachable wristlet part. The size makes it the perfect "Girl on the Town bag! Envisioning it in Vegas or Nashville!" - Cherelle on the Brenna B Bag

Brenna B Bag

"I love the concept of the Brenna B Bag! This bag is connected to your wrist so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your stuff! I think that it will help people from losing their personal belongings at busy events like weddings. It is very comfortable but hard to get on and off. It's ideal if you plan to just keep it on your wrist." - Kat on the BrennaB Bag


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