1 Dress, 4 Women: The Amalie Dress

Lightweight. Elegant. Comfortable. Easy to dress up or down. Basically everything you could want from a dress. We have a lot of thoughts on the Amalie Dress, but we'll let you read 4 of Our Reviewers opinions or shop the dress here

Amalie Dress_ Fit and Flatter_Fit + Flatter


Thoughts on the fit? Roomy fit! The lightweight material and flowy silhouette is really flattering on everyone I saw it on and it's so comfortable! 

Where do you envision wearing this piece? The flexibility with the waist and the bow makes it really diverse. You can tie it several different ways. I think this dress could easily be dressed up with bright heels or dressed down with flats or sandals. 

Does this garment solve any of the fit issues you normally face? The tiered hem length elongates my body and the roomy fabric creates a great silhouette. 

How does this dress make you feel? Elegant and trendy!


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What do you think of this style of dress? This is such a fun style! It's so flowy and comfortable. 

Thoughts on the fit? I love the slit! The tie-up top goes perfectly with the flowy feel and the side knot keeps the waist in place.

What do you think about the fabric? It's so thin and lightweight – the perfect summer feel. I like the small stripes as well, they're such a secret detail that you can only see up close.

How does this dress make you feel? Free and naked – in the best way. :)

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What do you think of the style of this dress? In the best way possible, this dress is totally the modern woman's toga. It's loose, flowy, and lightweight – which is great for a summer party where you want to make a statement, but be cool as well. 

Thoughts on the fit? It's flowy and almost shapeless. This silhouette definitely lets your body do the shaping. The tie at the waist is fun because you can tie it a few different ways to change up the shape

What do you think about the length of this dress? The length is great for me–I'm 5'3". It can work with a pair of heels or a pair of flats.

How does it make you feel? Light, airy, fashionable, and ready for a summer party.

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What do you think of this style of dress? I love it! It feels very Blair Waldorf/New York high class style. 

Thoughts on the fit? I like that this dress ties at the waist because it gives me a figure even though its a flowy dress. The tie around the neck makes it very adjustable for making it shorter or longer depending on your torso length. 

What do you think about the fabric? It's very light and airy – ideal for layers beyond the summer. 

How does this dress make you feel? It makes me feel like an Upper East-sider. 

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