5 Packing Tips To Save You From Excess Baggage Fees


Heading on a tour of a few spots that are totally different? Or maybe you’re visiting during the “in-between” season where it will be a total toss up if it is cold or warm. If you’re trying to avoid overpacking and baggage fees here our are tips.

create a trip capsule collection

My favorite thing to do before packing is to hang up the pieces I’m interested in taking on a garment rack and playing around with how they work together. Once you see all the pieces you’ve imagined bringing in your head vs. just shoving them in your bag and going, you will start to notice pieces you don’t really need.

Who needs 2 pairs of black tees for a trip? You can probably set one back. Think of pieces that can be layered for different looks. Bring that one black tee and wear it on it’s own one day. Then, add a layer to it like a cute cardigan to switch it up.

bring a savvy bag

Try to bring only your suitcase and one bag. I know it’s tricky, but that’s why you need to put a lot of thought into what bag would work best. My favorite trick is to bring a wallet that is also a wristlet so I have a two-in-one there. For my carry on, I always choose my Petit Blue Julia Everywhere Tote because I can bring an extra pair of shoes in the bottom zippered compartment This especially works great going to a beach so you can put your sandy shoes separate from everything else.

Shoes that do it all

Be smart about the shoes you pack. They’re one of the biggest space takers in a suitcase. If you can get away with it, try packing a pair of chic sneakers that work on two levels: cute with outfits and easy to walk around in/work out in. This is another reason I love my Julia Everywhere Tote – there's a separate shoe compartment at the bottom!

jeans that hold their shape

This is big especially if you are traveling somewhere cold and need bulkier pieces. Think of the pieces you can wear more than once without washing. Do they hold their shape? Do they go with more than one other piece you’re  bringing? This is especially true with jeans. Jeans that have more stretch to them often hold their shape better than extremely structured ones. Bonus: they’re normally less bulky, too!

cross check with where you’re staying

An easy mistake to make is to bring a hairdryer with you. Most places, Even if you’re staying at an airbnb, normally have hairdryers for you. Cross check your packing list with what where you’re staying provides and you can definitely save some space.

We’ve got a lot of travel ahead of us the next few months, so this will be a running theme. Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to cover or if you just want to share your travel tips!

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