4 Ways to Create the Illusion of Curves

Create the Illusion of Curves.jpg

What about women who want to appear curvier than they really are? For those of you who have straighter frames, we’ve got some tips for you on how to appear voluptuous.

1. Invest in Off-Shoulder Looks

Off-shoulder style pieces are a great investment for those looking to play up their top. Peplum and ruffle both create an illusion of a fuller upper half by adding bulk.

2. Cinch your waist

Drawing attention to your waist creates an impression of curves. A super easy way to do this? Belts. Skinny and wide belts are both in play, depending on what you're pairing them with.

3. Skirts

Let's not forget about the power of skirts. One of the easiest ways to create fullness on the lower half is with an A-line or circle skirt to draw the eye down and out from the waist.

4. Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal lines give a fuller appearance, where vertical lines help to narrow. Wearing horizontally striped blouses can give the appearance of a curvy and fuller upper body. If it's curvier hips you're interested in, try a horizontally printed skirt. Both? Try a dress like the one below.

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