Driven by our belief that all shapes, sizes, and ages should be represented in the fashion industry, we bring together a curated selection of clothing categorized and modeled by women with a similar shape. F+F reviewers are regular women with real shopping problems who are on the hunt for the same thing as you–clothing that makes them feel confident.


inclusive fashion

We believe women should decide for themselves what fits and flatters them–that they should create their own fashion rules. We've made it our mission to use Fit + Flatter to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and ages by championing them. 


one piece, multiple women

How does the same piece work for different women? We've found that no two women with the same body type like their clothing to fit exactly the same. That's why we work together with our reviewers and trusted clothing brands to show off pieces on as many different women, and as many different ways as possible.