who we are 

Fit + Flatter is a digital style discovery platform helping shoppers and feeding the hunger for a more honest fashion world by championing and showcasing clothing worn and reviewed by women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Through its digital style discovery platform, Fit + Flatter improves the consumer’s path to purchase and solves the mystery and guesswork of shopping by merging authentic clothing recommendations with photos of everyday women. The company is led by Malina and supported by a dedicated team.


our story

Starting off in fashion design, Malina Padgett was interested in creating pieces that would fit her longer-than-average torso. It wasn't long after that women started asking her to make them clothing that fit their body-type-specific issues, showing her pieces in their closets and asking for her to come up with similar clothing. Instead of creating her own line to address these issues, she decided she wanted to create a tool to help all women, not just those she encountered, so she launched Fit + Flatter.